Overhead costs YOUganda Foundation

Overall costs YOUganda Foundation

All amounts are in Euros

Received fromReceived forEstimated 2020Spent in 2020Expected 2021
Specific anonymous donorsElectricity, office supplies etc.300131200
Total 206015091960

Costs in 2019 and expectations for 2020

Electricity, printer,  office costs
This year we invested in a battery that is charged at the moment that there is electricity and provides electricity when there is no power. So far, this works very well. The costs in this field have also grown, because we have invested in a good printer/copier that is used intensively for making materials. Expectations are that these costs can go down this year.  

Costs  in 2020 and expectations for 2021

All amounts are in Euros

Received fromReceived forEstimated 2020Spent in 2020Expected  2021
donors & reserves
Computers etc.14732481000
 Management costs1009731000

As expected costs for transport have gone up. We hope to be able to keep them on the current level  

We only pay salaries to local people on a local level. We expect the costs for salaries to go up because of increase of activities  

Computers etc.
We mainly work with donated materials. Because we did not invest much in his last year and everything is getting old , we expect the costs to go up a bit.  

Training will become more and more part of a whole school  approach and will mostly be done on the job.  

Telephone Because the activities in the schools will increase, we expect that the need for communication will also increase.

Management costs
Because of increase of activity, we expect these costs to increase.

Registration and banking costs

All amounts are in Euros

Received fromReceived for registration and bank costsEstimated 2020Spent in 2020
Anonymous  donors + reserves7230723

In 2020 it became clear that if we wanted to go on with our work, we had to be registered in the district Bukedea, at the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)and the Uganda Registration Services Bureau URSB. Next to that we had to open a bank account For project ‘Operation Operations’


All amounts are in Euros

Registration URA116
Registration URSB472
Registration  District12
Opening Bank account123

In 2021 we expect to have to open a least one more bank account. Next to that we will have to pay yearly contributions to URA and URSB.