Our approch

Our approach is based on the following principles:

– Most attention is given to the most needy

– Projects should support the independence instead of the dependence of people

– We preferably support measures with a long time effect

– We only continue projects that have  proven to be successful

– We are open for short time interventions that can have a long term positive effect

– Choices are made by representatives of the local communities

– If possible the local economy should profit from our activities

– Local people are practically involved As much as possible in the realisation of projects

– Donations should have effect in practice as  soon as possible

– Donors are seen as partners and are therefore,  at least monthly, informed and as much as possible involved in development

– Donations are seen as  property of the donor and are therefore  only spent with great responsibility

– Transparency, integrity, compassion are keywords as well in financial as practical affairs.