H2O to HC4

Water in Health Centre 4

Water in the Health Centre 4 (summary)
In the Health Centre 4 the only affordable source of water is an  open well at one km distance.  
Action until now:
Alternatives and options are investigated. Net water is available but not affordable and therefore not sustainable. A well on the terrain of the HC4 is not allowed. The best option is to harvest rain water from all building structures in the area. This would solve the problem, except for the dry season. Of course this will need maintenance, but is  further sustainable.  
Approach: Depending of donations (6000 euro needed) a gradual implementation, starting with the most needed and less costly options.  
Expected results: Enough water for the HC4 for most of the year. Because of that an improvement of the hygienic situation.  
Current status of the project: The project is starting.  
Effect of the project until now: Awareness of the problem.