YOUganda Foundation

Welcome to our website!

Stichting YOUganda (YOUganda Foundation) is originally a Dutch non-profit organisation, that raises funds for development in Uganda, and more specifically in Bukedea District, a district in the East of Uganda (see map). It is one of the poorest areas of Uganda. In order to be successful YOUganda works firmly together with international organisations such as Rotary, and other organisations in Uganda, The Netherlands, the United States, Denmark, Belgium and Germany. These are organisations that work on a national level in Uganda, and organisations that are specifically active in Bukedea District.

Map of Uganda with Bukedea in Bukedea District

Our main focuses are:

  • Improvement in education, as well as in the material situation in schools, such as improvement of teaching methods
  • Improvement in medical care, especially for the most needy
  • Improveing the chances for the impaired and the poorest to be educated and to make a proper living on their own
  • Stimulating the local communities to take ownership of these activities

Donations are directly used to realise development on a grass root level. If necessary only local people are paid on a local level, overall costs are kept as low as possible and the local community is permanently involved.