Current activities


1. Supporting primary schools

Supporting primary schools in the Tesso region in their educational development.
Together with Edukans and Transform Uganda we work with 16 primary schools on their educational development.

The situation these schools are in is very difficult:
-    Schools do hardly have any material to support their education
-    The average number of children in a classroom is about one hundred.

In the last 2 years we developed  and tried out materials, that:
-    Can be easily and sheep  produced from paper and laminating sheets
-    Are supporting active learning by children in the classroom
-    Are self correcting
-    Especially suitable for the development of basic skills by children in the field of reading and arithmetic
-    Can be used in a class with 100 children
-    Are sustainable so  they can be used over and over again

This year all schools got a laminating machine and sheets , so they can make their own materials. In the process they are supported by two collaborators from Youganda that make sure that the process goes well.
The teachers of these  schools have attended a week’s training with the title “Make them think”, so they are able to use the materials in their own situation in the right way.
Since July 2013 the schools have formed 3 regional networks. In these networks schools work strongly together and take responsibility for this development. They do that together with the 3 regional  Primery Teacher trainings Colleges (PTC’s).  The students of these PTC’s are now also involved in this development  The 3 networks form together a central network.

Our input:
Youganda delivers know how (training and support) for this project

2. Improving education in  6 schools  with deaf pupils in eastern Uganda

As we speak we are exploring the possibilities of supporting a development, like in the primary schools, in schools with a lot of , or only, deaf children. Because of diseases , which have deafness as a side effect, relatively many children in Uganda are deaf. Their educational needs are often not well met; also because of a lack of suitable materials and methods. We are working on starting up a project for these schools together with Impulsis

4. Books and other materials

One of the reasons that a lot of children in Uganda hardly learn to read is that books are hardly there. That is why we are trying to make books available for schools  who have a good plan for the improvement of their pupils reading skills by encouraging reading. Of course other materials that can be used in education are also very welcome.

5. Research

We are working on a possibilty to send some Master students to Uganda to research the effectivity of our approach

6. Walking for Uganda

Ab Koffeman organizes on a regular base “walks for Uganda”. In this walks he gives a lot of information about his experiences in Uganda and he tries to generate some funds for the work of our foundation. You can find his most recent schedule on